Friday, March 17, 2006

Meet my new wheel

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Meet Emily.  She is quite the energetic little lady.  Never complains, is patient with my mistakes and always tries to give 100 %.  So far, she has done everything I have asked of her.  I couldn't be more pleased!  This little wheel came on the Monday following my return from San Antonio.  I was so happy to finally get it that I couldn't wait one instant to put it together.  I think it took all of about 15 minutes. 

When I was doing all the many months of research on the various wheels and doing all the talking to wheel owners, not a single person ever mentioned the Fricke wheel.  I am still wondering how this little wheel has been kept such a secret!?  The wheel that I had finally settled upon was the Majacraft Rose, but man oh man is that wheel ever expensive!  The ONLY thing this Fricke wheel doesn't have that the Rose does have is the adjustable head on it where by the spinner can tilt it over to the left or the right instead of it sitting dead center straight up all the time.  Otherwise, it has every single componant that the Rose has for 1/3rd of the price.  This is a wheel that I can live with for a very long time.  I am SO glad that I did not buy a Babe!  The extra 50.00 bucks is very well worth it to get this quality. 

Miss Emily spins so quietly and so smoothly, that I can sit right here where I always sit and spin in perfect comfort in the company of my family while they watch TV and not disturb them one bit.  The only noise you hear is just a tiny bit on wind noise as the air moves through the "spokes" on the wheel. 

So, if anyone is thinking about making a wheel purchase in the future.....don't overlook the Fricke.   You won't be sorry!

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