Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blog, Blog, Blog

Ok, this is just about stupid. I've struggled for two days trying to find a decent blog host that A- is easy to use for a non-computer geek and B- is free. Heh! guess what? No such thing.

Blogger would be great if it didn't keep freaking out every couple of days. My main complaint with Blogger is that it hates my laptop. It works just hunky dorky on my PC, but I use my laptop WAY more. If it Blogger worked when I wanted it to, I could post to this thing more than I have been. I really DO think of things to post, but by the time I get around to going to the main PC etc etc etc....I have lost the mood.

And WHERE are all those other bloggers getting all those cool and groovy templates? And the add-ons? Whoooboy! Some are just outstanding! I want some too! What's the secret handshake so that I can get in the club that knows how to do stuff like that? I know it has to be simple and out there somewehre (the directions that is) because ALL those bloggers can't possibly be computer saavy.

It already takes me ten forevers to hunt and find stuff and figure out how to post the html code just to put stuff on my sidebar. So far I'm slowly figuring that out.

So what? Do I ask a blogger stranger when I see a neat feature? Do I ask a search engine? If so, what do I search for? Cool Blog toys?? Doubt it.

See......this is me......frustrated. I want a GOOD blog, but all I have is a BIG headache.


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